How do I list my services on the Caterpillar Collective directory?

    Sign up and complete your profile with website and social media links. We will use this to verify you, without links your listings will not be approved. You can then click on the “List a Service” button and submit your listing for approval. You will get feedback on whether or not your listing was approved within 48 hours.

    Do freelancers get vetted?

    Yes. Before listings get approved, freelancers get vetted. Verified freelancers will get a verified badge on their profile if they have passed the vetting process.

    Are there costs involved to get listed?

    You can find the pricing plans here. No commissions will be taken from sales made through Caterpillar Collective

    Even though we do our utmost best make sure that freelancers on the Caterpillar Collective directory are legitimate, we can not be held accountable for any loss due to hiring freelancers. Please use your own initiative and double check freelancer’s references, websites and social media pages before hiring them.

    What is the refund policy?

    Read the refund policy on the terms and conditions page

    Who can join the Caterpillar Collective directory?

    Freelancers who specialize in children’s books including editing, illustration, graphic design, formatting, text layout, voice over, animation and mentoring.

    How do I hire a freelancer?

    Browse the platform for a freelancer you need. You can check out their profiles for their social media and website links. Send them a message directly or contact them through their social media or website. You can also post job requests and freelancers can make you an offer. You need to sign up to be able to send freelancers messages and post requests.

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